Foodie Revenue Opportunity

Foodie Revenue Opportunity

What's HUE?

HUE is an app that revolutionizes restaurant/cafe recommendations. Our mission is taking the guesswork out of Google Maps and Yelp. We've introduced a unique opportunity for foodie influencers to monetize their recommendations and create a lucrative income stream by selling their favorite dining spots recommendations.

You can download the app and learn more about us here:

Earn 50% commission by sharing your restaurant recommendations.

Here's the scoop:
- Download the HUE app. Each influencer has an opportunity to create a list of places to eat.
- Showcase your foodie expertise: Put at least 20 amazing restaurants to your list. If you a have a google map list you can hand it to us and we'll import it to your account. Contact us when you're ready to sell your selections and we'll set up the paywall for you.
- Spread the word: Share your HUE list with your followers using your bio link or link tree.
- Get rewarded (big time!): For every sale of your list, you'll earn a generous 50% commission.
- Video promotion? Totally optional! We give you the freedom to promote your list however you like.

It's a win-win! You share your passion for food, your followers find delicious new eats, and you earn cash for your recommendations.

Ready to join the HUE foodie revolution?