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Connect spontaneously for coffee with friends TODAY

Connect spontaneously for coffee with friends TODAY

Ever wish for an easier way to spontaneously catch-up with friends in our ever busy lives? We might have the golden ticket for you…
Did you just see your friend’s Instagram story only to realize you were each eating lunch alone in restaurants literally adjacent to each other?!

You have a meeting in town next week and you can name at least 3 friends working in that area. Doesn’t a quick catch-up over lunch with one of them sound better than a solo lunch, seeing as you are there anyway?

Ever feel lonely in a world where we are all hyper-connected to each other digitally? I’m probably connected to the same person multiple times in mutual chat groups, not to mention following each other on multitudes of social media platforms…

But the question is, do we ever engage offline with these friends anymore? Where did those good old sweaty hugs and shared food experiences go?

Well, here’s the good news; Due to popular demand, we are opening up HUE Connect to friends*!
HUE Connect is an in-app feature within HUE to spontaneously connect users 1-on-1 for coffee, lunch, dinner, or drinks - without the need to plan weeks in advance.

As long as you and your friends are following each other, you will be notified the moment someone opens up a free slot! That way, you will never miss an opportunity to easily meet your friends for a quick lunch or coffee - even during your busy work day.

What’s better, to celebrate the launch of this feature, we are doing a 50% cashback on your first match until May 19th 23:59 GMT!! Just send us your receipt for the bill, and we will make the necessary arrangements.**

What are you waiting for? Onboard with your friends and use it as a way to keep in touch - over real food and real experiences 🥹✨

Yes, you’re very welcome.

HUE - digitally connecting people through food.

*Users mutually following each other on HUE app
**Conditions apply.

Cashback Conditions

  1. The total bill should not exceed US$80 or equivalent (past 30-day average rate will be used for other currencies).
  2. The bill should be for 2 people - both of whom are matched in the HUE app, and have a corresponding HUE Connect event to the date and time of the receipt. (i.e., The receipt for a lunch match should show the date and time that corresponds to the date and time in the event that was matched in HUE Connect).
  3. The HUE Connect event needs to be outside of any existing mutual HUE Connect community that the 2 parties are part of.
  4. The latest that HUE should receive a receipt is by May 19th 23:59 GMT. Any receipts received after shall not be processed.
  5. Receipts should be sent to contact@yourhue.app with a) usernames of the matched, and b) pay-to details (Paypal for non-JP residents, and bank transfer or Paypal for residents of Japan).
  6. Dokoni Inc (operating HUE) reserves the right to terminate this campaign at any time prior to the above date.