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HUE Launches Digital Artist Collab

HUE Launches Digital Artist Collab
"Ramen Madness" by Nori William

Happy New Year HUE-dees 🍕👀✨🚀

This year we are starting strong with a kickass collaboration; We’ve teamed up with talented digital artists and illustrators to offer you a fun way to show off your fav spots - while enjoying art!

Now, when you share your fav spot or a highly detailed review of your latest find on Instagram stories, you can customize the background of the image - from a selection of awesome digital art that our creators have conjured.

Just had an epic ramen experience you want to rave about? Why not choose “Ramen Madness” from Nori William to express your excitement?

Found a cozy neighborhood brunch corner? Sounds like “Breakfast” by Asmihito is your art for that sunny-side-up vibe.

What’s so special about this collaboration? 

For starters, it’s pretty cool to be able to choose the template that fits YOU.

The cherry on top? The more you use a piece of art, the creators are credited royalties - based on usage. We believe in supporting talent, and in this digital age where everything seems free, we want to change that narrative. Your favorite content creators put in their heart, soul, and countless hours, and it's high time they get the recognition they deserve.

Last but not least, it’s an open collaboration where we are constantly on the lookout for more talented artists to ride the HUE wave with us. If there is an artist you would love to see on HUE, or have an unexplored talent yourself for digital art, feel free to let us know by email (contact@yourhue.app) or shoot us a DM on IG!