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HUE Connect officially launches with Tokyo Startup Lunchclub

HUE Connect officially launches with Tokyo Startup Lunchclub

HUE Connect powered by HUE is the silver bullet you never knew you could have….until now.

Are you meeting the same 10 people from your 500-member startup community in just about every event you go? You want to meet more faces (do the math, there’s at least 490 more of them…), but you’re too shy to blast a friendly message in the group chat to all of them.

We hear you.

HUE Connect is an exclusive feature within the HUE app to spontaneously connect users 1-on-1 for coffee or lunch - without the need to know their contact information or pulling out your calendar (and planning weeks in advance).

Today, we are excited to announce we are launching this feature with Tokyo Startup Lunchclub - an exclusive community for startup founders with over 600+ members in Tokyo and Japan. If you’re a member and can’t make it to the planned events, no worries. Members now have the option to maximize their lunch hours by using HUE Connect to make connections with the remaining members you never had the chance to say hello to!

Founder and organizer Francisco Dalla Rosa Soares comments, "As the founder of Tokyo Startup Lunchclub, I am extremely pleased to announce our partnership with DOKONI's HUE Connect. This innovative service aligns perfectly with our mission to foster meaningful connections within the startup community through shared dining experiences. By utilizing HUE Connect, we can easily arrange impromptu lunch or tea opportunities, removing the barriers of engaging with new faces and busy schedules. I am confident that incorporating HUE Connect into our activities will deepen the connections within our community. Let's transform every dining opportunity into a networking one and expand our professional networks in the most enjoyable way possible!"

Onboarding is super easy. Just use the member-exclusive download link (provided by your community manager) to get the HUE app with the member details set-up for you. Then you are good to go; Create an event, and get matched with a fellow startup founder who is also available now!

Are you a community manager struggling to create inter-member engagement and networking outside of those resource-heavy monthly events? We are open to a limited number of registrations now, so be sure to register from this link to secure a spot!

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