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HUE Business launches with MOOD - a donut and bagel bakery in Yokohama!

HUE Business launches with MOOD - a donut and bagel bakery in Yokohama!

We just released the long anticipated business portal for restaurant and cafe owners to connect easily with their best customers. Celebrating HUE Business, launched on 30th April with MOOD…

If I told you there is a job out there where you spend at least 10 hours a day (if not more) on your feet being physically active. This job also requires you to spend time outside of these 10 hours to understand and take responsibility for strategy, health and safety, product quality (which could fluctuate daily), finance, HR, sales, and of course marketing. Not to mention, you tend to do better than your peers if you have exceptional creativity or artisanal skills.

The pay depends on you. Actually, it depends on how many customers you can continue to inspire and delight - but let’s say you may usually earn a lot less than many other physically demanding jobs out there in this world.

Take a guess at who has this job. There are roughly 645k people in the US with that job, and around 1.2M in Japan. Pretty popular right?

This is the number of small business owners in the restaurant and cafe industry. They are the superstars that are entrepreneurs, creators, chefs, accountants, and marketers - often all at the same time.

As you know, HUE is on a mission to create a world where true gems thrive. Our app is already enjoyed by a few thousand people across more than 20 countries since launching only a few months ago, and helps foodies to explore their own taste by easily connecting them to eateries they love, and to users who share their taste.

Now, we have launched HUE Business with MOOD as our first client. What is HUE Business and how is it different? HUE Business is a business portal for restaurant owners to see at a glance what kind of customers are interested in their store, who is coming, and who is commenting - all with the HUE breakdown so you better understand your place in the taste market.

On top of that, we have a few clear promises to help the owner take better control of digital marketing in our fast-paced and hyper-connected world.

Here are our promises:

  1. We don’t show bad reviews to users: HUE operates by proactively bringing to the front the stores and information that each of our HUEdees (foodies on HUE) will resonate with the most. For this reason, we don’t actually need to show a “bad” review or negative experience unless it is actually relevant. For the business owner, however, it will be full disclosure - all reviews are up for a read! Our hope is to not let a random bad review digitally tarnish the restaurant’s reputation - especially in its early days.
  2. Targeted ads in a few clicks: No more guessing the hobbies and jobs of your target customers. Let us pick from the most relevant HUEs out there for a simple, yet effective way to target the right people! No marketing skills are needed; Let us take that one from you.
  3. Transparency of results: Only pay for actual results. The industry has enough monthly subscriptions with packaged deals where the budget allocation and results are all lost in a black box….and you lose cash every month.

Interested to claim your business portal? Claiming your account is free of charge - now and forever. Click here and search for your store name to find the corresponding store in HUE.

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