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HUE Launches Ambassador Program

HUE Launches Ambassador Program

Ahoy there HUEdees! We have some exciting news!

As you know, HUE connects you to your fav places. Everyone has their own unique taste. Our thesis is that if everyone explored their palette, more unique and local gems will thrive because of diversified traffic. 

We have to confess, it is super traumatizing to see another fav spot close, while yet more global chains set up sparkling new stores in prime locations all over town. Trying to stop this sad but true trend is one of the hidden but biggest motivations behind our team at HUE.

In this vein, we have launched another program that supports unique talent to thrive. 

Say hello to our Ambassador Program - digital video creators on IG can now earn per reach.*

It’s super easy to participate! Just download the app, document your experience or foodie adventure with HUE, tag our IG account, and send us the screenshot of your reach 7 days after posting the reel or video.

The equation is simple; The more you reach, the more you earn - and we all grow this HUE community together 💜

Sounds like a plan? Invite your friends and get started! 

*Japan residents only. Other conditions apply.