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What is HUE - an intro

What is HUE - an intro

In a world where we are writing blogs with ChatGPT (no, not this one!) and Instagram knows which ASMR reel you’re going to view next, why are we still sifting through Yelp pages, drowning in our endless abyss of screenshot saves, or scrolling through a food bloggers Instagram account - “I swear I saw them post about a new speakeasy bar a few weeks ago!”.

Say hello to HUE - a highly personalized, fun, social foodie app FOR YOU. 

Think of it like a personalized yelp or google review page - with recommendations curated to your taste.

And just to make it intuitive and fun, everyone has a unique HUE - a shade that shows your preferences when eating out. Just like your taste, your HUE will evolve and change over time. And just like in real life, you may or may not share a similar HUE with your friends; Afterall, you love them for who they are - not for what they eat.

You can see recommendations based on your HUE, places your friends have saved and reviewed, as well as explore the lists of other users who share the same or similar HUE to you. By now you probably get it - the closer the HUE, the closer your taste preferences.

So what are you waiting for? The golden age of AI x foodies is here - and we’re rolling out the red carpet just for you. Join us on HUE – where your next foodie experience is just a HUE away! 🍔🍣🍰🌮🍕🍹🌯🍩🍨